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01 天地萬物都愛你 All Things Love You

02 星空幻境 Fantasy Starry Sky

03 山川綠水 Mountains and Waters

04 給嬰兒的抱抱 Hugs for Babies

05 夢中的旋律 Melody in Dream

06 菩提訴語 Bodhi Whisper

07 無言歌 Song Without Words

08 浪漫曲 Romance

09 回憶往事 Memories of the Past

10 一切都過去了 Everything Has Passed

11 靜心安神曲 Lullaby

12 黎明的開始 The Beginning of Dawn




"Encounter in Another World" is a new piano album created by Jackson Hsu, consisting of 12 songs that can be defined as healing and spiritual music. "All Things in the World Love You" is an imagining of world peace, calling for the cherishing of resources and feeling the cycle of goodness. "Starlit Dreams" imagines the stars twinkling in the sky from the perspective of the visually impaired, allowing listeners to feel a different kind of starry sky through their sense of hearing. "Mountain and Green Water" leads listeners on a journey through nature with natural sounds. "A Hug for the Baby" is an imagining of the love and hugs that everyone can receive in their life's trials. "Melodies in Dreams" is the recollection of his studying in Austria. This album can heal listeners' souls and bring a warm and beautiful listening experience to everyone.



《我們,在另一個視界相遇》許哲誠鋼琴X創作 療癒系音樂CD

  • 產品資訊

    保固種類  原廠保固

    產地 台灣

    音樂類型 新世紀

    包裝尺寸 14CM

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